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When you must cope with a disabling chronic illness, it’s sometimes easy to get down in the dumps. (We all get sick and tired of being sick and tired!) These suggestions will help you find ways to laugh and keep those everyday downs under control so that you spend more time being “up” — on yourself and your life.

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The Downside of a Saturday Shower

Anyone who copes with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS, CFIDS), Fibromyalgia (FM, FMS), or any other fatiguing disabling chronic condition or disease will be able to relate to this comic strip:

My Amazing Crunchless Abs

Osteoporosis Realities

Depression Drug Commercials

A nap is only nice when….


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Proceeds from this Web site fund chronic illness and chronic condition awareness and support.

In addition to the chronic illness- and chronic condition-related articles, information, and t-shirt and gift idea designs on this site, is also the home of the Chronic Illness Realities comic strips.

pammy the pencil a character in the Writing Woes comic strip and the Chronic Illness Realities Comic StripPammy is the main character in two comic strips by Pamela Rice Hahn, the first of which is the Writing Woes comic strip. Pammy is a writer who is also disabled because of chronic illness and chronic conditions, so she also appears in the Chronic Illness Realities comic strip.

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