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Things To Do Now If You Have High Blood Pressure

Photo by:  Matthew WiebeA huge portion of the population is dealing with high blood pressure. In fact, one third of the population has high blood pressure and doesn’t even know it! So knowing and dealing with your blood pressure puts you ahead of the game to recovery and control.

Hypertension isn’t something you simply recover from, however. It takes a dramatic change in your lifestyle, and increase in your exercise, and careful limitations of specific minerals and sodium. It’s also important to take steps to reduce stress and try to take life a little easier to hopefully lower your blood pressure without having to take tons of dangerous medications with tons of side effects (including erectile dysfunction). Furthermore, you’ll feel better! Why put your health in jeopardy when you could simply make different choices with your life to make you happier and healthier as quickly as possible.

Lay Off Sodas, Smoking, and Snack Foods
The first step to defeating hypertension is cutting salt, sugar, and excessive caffeine out of your diet. It’s important to drink plenty of water instead of soda, because keeping your body hydrated and allowing it to filter salt through your urine excrement makes your blood pressure fall. Laying off of smoking will increase your breathing capabilities so your lungs don’t have to struggle to collect oxygen, giving your heart more to work with, to lower your blood pressure. Also, lay off of salty, sugary snacks and junk food. These fatty, unhealthy foods push your body to the brink and make you feel terrible, as well as make your blood pressure skyrocket! Keep your food choices healthy and incorporate plenty of bananas, water, and any other kind of potassium possible. Fruit is also a great way to lower your blood pressure- not only does it contain tons of water and nutrients, it also is a great replacement for other types of foods.

Get More Exercise
Working your heart makes it stronger over the long run. Plus, shaving off weight and losing inches means that your body doesn’t have to work as hard to get the blood around your body, which means your blood pressure will be automatically lower. More than that, exercise stimulates a lower resting heart rate, again lowering your blood pressure- really a one-two punch for those having problems controlling their health.

Reduce Stress, Any Way Possible
Are you constantly worried about the next problem? Are you angry about something? Putting all your worries and anxieties on a shelf can be a great help for those having problems with their blood pressure in some instances. Often, people forget how much stress they’re under- but having the body deal with it all makes the brain create hormones to make you focus on your problem, as well as raise your heart rate and blood pressure. So take time every day to relax and focus on long, healthy breaths, keeping focused on what the overall goal is- to calm the heart and lower your overall heart rate. Remember that everything is going to be fine, and you don’t have to try and manage everything. Taking this approach might help you keep your senses when dealing with large amounts of stress.

It’s easy, fun, and very beneficial to your health to get started beating your blood pressure problem now; instead of waiting for it to solve itself in the long run. Taking positive, forward steps; like watching your diet, getting plenty of exercise and reducing stress not only make you feel better and make you lose weight and be healthier; but they also allow you to build a better life from the ground up; letting you take back control of your life.

Lying In Wait: Problems From High Blood Pressure

blood pressure problems
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Something terrible happened, and your heart is racing. You haven’t been exercising like you should, and your diet has gone down the toilet. You’ve got a family history of high blood pressure, and you haven’t been taking it seriously, and now you’re worried. You’ve developed a serious headache, and now there’s urine in your urine. You have to go to the doctor, but you’re worried what he’ll tell you. Well, the news isn’t pretty.

Leaving your blood pressure unchecked is one of the absolute worst decisions a person can make. Not only do your risk your heart and blood vessel health, you also risk your organs, and your body starts to toughen up to deal with the extra strain you’re putting on your heart. As it pumps harder and harder, the muscles on your heart thicken and lose elasticity, making it harder and harder for your heart to pump. All that blood that has been pounding through your veins has severely damaged your arteries and veins- all of which have lost most of their elasticity too- and are very close to creating situations that end your life easily.

There are a ton of problems that having high blood pressure can cause. As your heart pumps harder and harder, the excess pressure can damage the walls of your blood vessels and the organs in your body; and uncontrolled blood pressure can cause:

-Stroke or Heart Attack
As the heart struggles more and more to pump blood, hardening and thickening of the heart and arteries causes a disease called atherosclerosis, which has been known to lead to strokes and heart attacks.

-Heart Failure
As the heart muscle thickens, the heart weakens. All the extra work that the heart has to go through to pump thickened blood due to high blood pressure weakens the heart over time which could lead to the heart simply giving out.

Blood vessels everywhere are at risk when you don’t control your blood pressure. Blood pressure builds up on weakened veins and creates damage that the brain simply can’t heal. These types of bleeding on the brain are permanent and leave people in nursing homes, unable to take care of themselves.

-Kidney Disease
As blood vessels in the kidneys are thickened and narrowed in the kidneys they cannot perform properly which leads to their eventual shut-down. Blood in urine indicates a breach in kidney arteries and veins.

-Eye Problems
As blood vessels thicken and narrow in the eyes, they run the risk of tearing, which could lead to immediate vision loss.

These are caused by increased blood pressure that creates weakening in blood vessels, causing them to rupture and form aneurysms; which are often life-threatening and occur suddenly and without warning.

-Even Erectile Dysfunction
You heard it right, high blood pressure even affects your most important possession. As your blood pressure runs rampant, your heart is unable to pump properly which leads to a decrease of blood flow, creating erectile dysfunction.

Your body is the absolute most precious thing you have. Take care of your health today, get your blood pressure checked regularly to see if you have hypertension, especially if it runs in your family. Don’t let it get out of control and ruin your life.

High Blood Pressure Symptoms: Do You Have These?

High Blood Pressure Symptoms
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Hypertension is especially dangerous because you may never know you have it.

Statistics show that over one third of people that have high blood pressure probably know nothing about it; and the only way to know is by getting regular checkups. Often it’s even more important if you know a relative that is suffering with the same problems. Often, the only time you realize that your hypertension might be a problem is when your systolic score and diastolic scores get exceptionally high and are putting great strain on your body, and it’s completely manageable with proper care and monitoring, as well as a few changes to your health- and just like that you can be completely in charge of your well being again, without worrying about the worrisome issue of your heart health.

Hypertension is Different For Everyone

To make matters worse, the symptoms of hypertension are varied and don’t always affect people the same ways, some might get blood spots in the eyes, facial flushing, or overall dizziness can also be signs of elevated blood pressure. The only way to really know if your blood pressure is under control or not is by having regular screenings. The problem is, as your hypertension continues to run rampant; you continue to deal damage to your body, leading to aneurysms, because hypertension causes your blood vessels to narrow as your body fights to heal the damage to your veins and arteries by the excess pressure of the heart and overall lack of healthy muscle in the heart. All of these problems in conjunction with the problems that hypertension causes leads to a lot of health problems in the future.

Hypertension Affects Three Parts of Your Body, Especially in the Situation of a Hypertensive Crisis:

-Painful and often uncontrollable headaches accompanied with intense sensitivity and pain
-Blurred vision, usually onsets suddenly and is accompanied by white out of the vision, or spots in some cases
-Uncontrollable pounding of the neck, chest or ears, followed by sudden flushing or warmth
-Blood rushes to the head when standing up, usually disorienting, sometimes leads to dizziness

-Irregular heartbeat- abnormally fast or arrhythmic, one of the main precursors to hypertensive crisis
-Sudden, onset heart pain, described sometimes as heartburn, other times as debilitating pain
-Difficulty breathing, or catching breath accompanied by panting

Blood in Urine, usually a sign of Kidney or Adrenal damages
Fatigue or Confusion- related to strain and pressure on the brain and supportive tissues

Hypertensive Crisis- Seek Medical Attention

Generally if you’re having these symptoms, you could be facing hypertensive crisis, and you should seek medical attention immediately. Often, the only time these symptoms are seen are when a person’s blood pressure has skyrocketed and their heart simply cannot keep up with the strain. It’s important in these types of situations to do everything to calm someone down if they are going into crisis if necessary or plausible. Also, take every attempt to get this person into medical care to help control their condition.

What Causes High Blood Pressure

High Blood Pressure Causes
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Having hypertension is probably the  most common medical problems these days. Basically, people’s blood pressures are measured by finding the amount of blood that pushes against vessels of the heart’s walls. This muscle then pumps it all into various arteries, which then pumps that throughout a person’s veins. Hypertension (or overly elevated blood pressure) is dangerous because a person’s heart works harder to pump all throughout a person’s body than it should, which weakens arteries and veins over time which contributes to overall hardening of arteries, which contributes to cardiac failure. Some of the worst parts about elevated blood pressure problems are that they often symptomless, until a person’s hypertension is out of control.

There Are Various Causes of hypertension That We Know Of:
-Being Overweight or Obese
-Lack of Physical Activity
-Too Much Salt in a person’s Diet
-Too Much Alcohol Consumption (Usually more than 1 or 2 drinks a day)
-Excessive Stress
-Older Age
-Family backgrounds of elevated blood  Pressure
-Reoccurring Kidney problems
-Thyroid and Adrynal disorders

Majorily, a vast amount of senarios studied (over 95 percent) indicated most of the underlying causes of elevated blood pressure cannot be determined. While this type of hypertension has been a mystery for doctors as to actual causes of essiential hypertension are more or less unknown, there are certain risk factors to look at- for instance, hypertension is more likely to occur within families and is also more likely to affect men than it is women. A person’s race and age also play a huge role in overall development of hypertension- often the black population are twice as likely as the white population to have problems with it; and after 65, hypertension is most likely within black women.

Factors that Affect Those With Elevated Blood Pressure

Normally those with hypertension are classified as being sensitive to salt; meaning that if they take too much in, then their body’s pressure levels increase. Often, other types of factors raise risks of having hypertension; like obesity, diabetes, excessive stress incidences, insufficient intakes of potassium, calcium or magnesium even something like not exercising over various lengths of time. Secondary Hypertension is related to a known medical issue, like problems with the kidneys, or tumors or any abnormality that might cause more excretion of certain hormones that cause hypertension. Sometimes, these hormones are triggered by certain birth control medications containing estrogen.

So, Are You Likely To Develop Hypertension?

It’s difficult to discern whether or not you will develop these sorts of problems, but those in the following list are at elevated risk, and should therefore go out of their way to avoid being hypertensive.

– those with hypertensive people in the family
– Smokers
– African- Americans
– Pregnant women
– Women who take birth control pills
– those over 35
– Those who are overweight or obese
– If you are not active, or participating with  some sort of exercise
– Anyone who drinks alcohol excessively
– those eating excessively fatty foods that contain excessive amounts of salt
– Those with sleep apnea
Hypertension is not a curse, but it is something that needs to be monitored, so that your health is completely under your control.