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What Causes High Blood Pressure

High Blood Pressure Causes
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Having hypertension is probably the  most common medical problems these days. Basically, people’s blood pressures are measured by finding the amount of blood that pushes against vessels of the heart’s walls. This muscle then pumps it all into various arteries, which then pumps that throughout a person’s veins. Hypertension (or overly elevated blood pressure) is dangerous because a person’s heart works harder to pump all throughout a person’s body than it should, which weakens arteries and veins over time which contributes to overall hardening of arteries, which contributes to cardiac failure. Some of the worst parts about elevated blood pressure problems are that they often symptomless, until a person’s hypertension is out of control.

There Are Various Causes of hypertension That We Know Of:
-Being Overweight or Obese
-Lack of Physical Activity
-Too Much Salt in a person’s Diet
-Too Much Alcohol Consumption (Usually more than 1 or 2 drinks a day)
-Excessive Stress
-Older Age
-Family backgrounds of elevated blood  Pressure
-Reoccurring Kidney problems
-Thyroid and Adrynal disorders

Majorily, a vast amount of senarios studied (over 95 percent) indicated most of the underlying causes of elevated blood pressure cannot be determined. While this type of hypertension has been a mystery for doctors as to actual causes of essiential hypertension are more or less unknown, there are certain risk factors to look at- for instance, hypertension is more likely to occur within families and is also more likely to affect men than it is women. A person’s race and age also play a huge role in overall development of hypertension- often the black population are twice as likely as the white population to have problems with it; and after 65, hypertension is most likely within black women.

Factors that Affect Those With Elevated Blood Pressure

Normally those with hypertension are classified as being sensitive to salt; meaning that if they take too much in, then their body’s pressure levels increase. Often, other types of factors raise risks of having hypertension; like obesity, diabetes, excessive stress incidences, insufficient intakes of potassium, calcium or magnesium even something like not exercising over various lengths of time. Secondary Hypertension is related to a known medical issue, like problems with the kidneys, or tumors or any abnormality that might cause more excretion of certain hormones that cause hypertension. Sometimes, these hormones are triggered by certain birth control medications containing estrogen.

So, Are You Likely To Develop Hypertension?

It’s difficult to discern whether or not you will develop these sorts of problems, but those in the following list are at elevated risk, and should therefore go out of their way to avoid being hypertensive.

– those with hypertensive people in the family
– Smokers
– African- Americans
– Pregnant women
– Women who take birth control pills
– those over 35
– Those who are overweight or obese
– If you are not active, or participating with  some sort of exercise
– Anyone who drinks alcohol excessively
– those eating excessively fatty foods that contain excessive amounts of salt
– Those with sleep apnea
Hypertension is not a curse, but it is something that needs to be monitored, so that your health is completely under your control.