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High Blood Pressure Symptoms: Do You Have These?

High Blood Pressure Symptoms
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Hypertension is especially dangerous because you may never know you have it.

Statistics show that over one third of people that have high blood pressure probably know nothing about it; and the only way to know is by getting regular checkups. Often it’s even more important if you know a relative that is suffering with the same problems. Often, the only time you realize that your hypertension might be a problem is when your systolic score and diastolic scores get exceptionally high and are putting great strain on your body, and it’s completely manageable with proper care and monitoring, as well as a few changes to your health- and just like that you can be completely in charge of your well being again, without worrying about the worrisome issue of your heart health.

Hypertension is Different For Everyone

To make matters worse, the symptoms of hypertension are varied and don’t always affect people the same ways, some might get blood spots in the eyes, facial flushing, or overall dizziness can also be signs of elevated blood pressure. The only way to really know if your blood pressure is under control or not is by having regular screenings. The problem is, as your hypertension continues to run rampant; you continue to deal damage to your body, leading to aneurysms, because hypertension causes your blood vessels to narrow as your body fights to heal the damage to your veins and arteries by the excess pressure of the heart and overall lack of healthy muscle in the heart. All of these problems in conjunction with the problems that hypertension causes leads to a lot of health problems in the future.

Hypertension Affects Three Parts of Your Body, Especially in the Situation of a Hypertensive Crisis:

-Painful and often uncontrollable headaches accompanied with intense sensitivity and pain
-Blurred vision, usually onsets suddenly and is accompanied by white out of the vision, or spots in some cases
-Uncontrollable pounding of the neck, chest or ears, followed by sudden flushing or warmth
-Blood rushes to the head when standing up, usually disorienting, sometimes leads to dizziness

-Irregular heartbeat- abnormally fast or arrhythmic, one of the main precursors to hypertensive crisis
-Sudden, onset heart pain, described sometimes as heartburn, other times as debilitating pain
-Difficulty breathing, or catching breath accompanied by panting

Blood in Urine, usually a sign of Kidney or Adrenal damages
Fatigue or Confusion- related to strain and pressure on the brain and supportive tissues

Hypertensive Crisis- Seek Medical Attention

Generally if you’re having these symptoms, you could be facing hypertensive crisis, and you should seek medical attention immediately. Often, the only time these symptoms are seen are when a person’s blood pressure has skyrocketed and their heart simply cannot keep up with the strain. It’s important in these types of situations to do everything to calm someone down if they are going into crisis if necessary or plausible. Also, take every attempt to get this person into medical care to help control their condition.