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Lying In Wait: Problems From High Blood Pressure

blood pressure problems
Nemo / Pixabay

Something terrible happened, and your heart is racing. You haven’t been exercising like you should, and your diet has gone down the toilet. You’ve got a family history of high blood pressure, and you haven’t been taking it seriously, and now you’re worried. You’ve developed a serious headache, and now there’s urine in your urine. You have to go to the doctor, but you’re worried what he’ll tell you. Well, the news isn’t pretty.

Leaving your blood pressure unchecked is one of the absolute worst decisions a person can make. Not only do your risk your heart and blood vessel health, you also risk your organs, and your body starts to toughen up to deal with the extra strain you’re putting on your heart. As it pumps harder and harder, the muscles on your heart thicken and lose elasticity, making it harder and harder for your heart to pump. All that blood that has been pounding through your veins has severely damaged your arteries and veins- all of which have lost most of their elasticity too- and are very close to creating situations that end your life easily.

There are a ton of problems that having high blood pressure can cause. As your heart pumps harder and harder, the excess pressure can damage the walls of your blood vessels and the organs in your body; and uncontrolled blood pressure can cause:

-Stroke or Heart Attack
As the heart struggles more and more to pump blood, hardening and thickening of the heart and arteries causes a disease called atherosclerosis, which has been known to lead to strokes and heart attacks.

-Heart Failure
As the heart muscle thickens, the heart weakens. All the extra work that the heart has to go through to pump thickened blood due to high blood pressure weakens the heart over time which could lead to the heart simply giving out.

Blood vessels everywhere are at risk when you don’t control your blood pressure. Blood pressure builds up on weakened veins and creates damage that the brain simply can’t heal. These types of bleeding on the brain are permanent and leave people in nursing homes, unable to take care of themselves.

-Kidney Disease
As blood vessels in the kidneys are thickened and narrowed in the kidneys they cannot perform properly which leads to their eventual shut-down. Blood in urine indicates a breach in kidney arteries and veins.

-Eye Problems
As blood vessels thicken and narrow in the eyes, they run the risk of tearing, which could lead to immediate vision loss.

These are caused by increased blood pressure that creates weakening in blood vessels, causing them to rupture and form aneurysms; which are often life-threatening and occur suddenly and without warning.

-Even Erectile Dysfunction
You heard it right, high blood pressure even affects your most important possession. As your blood pressure runs rampant, your heart is unable to pump properly which leads to a decrease of blood flow, creating erectile dysfunction.

Your body is the absolute most precious thing you have. Take care of your health today, get your blood pressure checked regularly to see if you have hypertension, especially if it runs in your family. Don’t let it get out of control and ruin your life.