Things To Do Now If You Have High Blood Pressure

Photo by:  Matthew WiebeA huge portion of the population is dealing with high blood pressure. In fact, one third of the population has high blood pressure and doesn’t even know it! So knowing and dealing with your blood pressure puts you ahead of the game to recovery and control.

Hypertension isn’t something you simply recover from, however. It takes a dramatic change in your lifestyle, and increase in your exercise, and careful limitations of specific minerals and sodium. It’s also important to take steps to reduce stress and try to take life a little easier to hopefully lower your blood pressure without having to take tons of dangerous medications with tons of side effects (including erectile dysfunction). Furthermore, you’ll feel better! Why put your health in jeopardy when you could simply make different choices with your life to make you happier and healthier as quickly as possible.

Lay Off Sodas, Smoking, and Snack Foods
The first step to defeating hypertension is cutting salt, sugar, and excessive caffeine out of your diet. It’s important to drink plenty of water instead of soda, because keeping your body hydrated and allowing it to filter salt through your urine excrement makes your blood pressure fall. Laying off of smoking will increase your breathing capabilities so your lungs don’t have to struggle to collect oxygen, giving your heart more to work with, to lower your blood pressure. Also, lay off of salty, sugary snacks and junk food. These fatty, unhealthy foods push your body to the brink and make you feel terrible, as well as make your blood pressure skyrocket! Keep your food choices healthy and incorporate plenty of bananas, water, and any other kind of potassium possible. Fruit is also a great way to lower your blood pressure- not only does it contain tons of water and nutrients, it also is a great replacement for other types of foods.

Get More Exercise
Working your heart makes it stronger over the long run. Plus, shaving off weight and losing inches means that your body doesn’t have to work as hard to get the blood around your body, which means your blood pressure will be automatically lower. More than that, exercise stimulates a lower resting heart rate, again lowering your blood pressure- really a one-two punch for those having problems controlling their health.

Reduce Stress, Any Way Possible
Are you constantly worried about the next problem? Are you angry about something? Putting all your worries and anxieties on a shelf can be a great help for those having problems with their blood pressure in some instances. Often, people forget how much stress they’re under- but having the body deal with it all makes the brain create hormones to make you focus on your problem, as well as raise your heart rate and blood pressure. So take time every day to relax and focus on long, healthy breaths, keeping focused on what the overall goal is- to calm the heart and lower your overall heart rate. Remember that everything is going to be fine, and you don’t have to try and manage everything. Taking this approach might help you keep your senses when dealing with large amounts of stress.

It’s easy, fun, and very beneficial to your health to get started beating your blood pressure problem now; instead of waiting for it to solve itself in the long run. Taking positive, forward steps; like watching your diet, getting plenty of exercise and reducing stress not only make you feel better and make you lose weight and be healthier; but they also allow you to build a better life from the ground up; letting you take back control of your life.